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Partnership between Linear Motion LLC and BitLyft Cybersecurity.

An agile, solid and innovative Partner to secure smart manufacturing operations.

This need arises in the US office of UMBRAGROUP, the Linear Motion LLC in Saginaw (Michigan). In fact UMBRAGROUP, winning the challenge to internationalization and thanks to the investments in research and development, has always aimed to a common management system with its offices worldwide, managing to standardize not only processes, but also facilitating the sharing of company data and best practices.

For this reason, all processes are digitized and made available to the whole Team, which therefore entails the need for greater security. BitLyft Cybersecurity, capable of offering a unique security approach through the AIR platform, which allows the automation of many activities and combines multiple security offers in a single solution, is responding to this need.

This allows their analysts to be more pervasive using fewer resources and pass these savings to their customers. In addition, the company has also taken a proactive approach to research, in order to be able to understand the new federal guidelines and compliance requirements for manufacturing companies, such as UMBRAGROUP, which are part of Nation's critical supply chain.

To find out more, here is the full press release.

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