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The future is electric

UMBRAGROUP supports the electrification of tomorrow’s aircraft

Innovating means bringing the future into our lives.

At UMBRAGROUP we innovate and make our business evolve while respecting the environment by committing ourselves to guaranteeing sustainable processes.
One of our production challenges concerns electrification, for an increasingly electric and green future.

In 2005 we started the design and construction of electromechanical actuators, making innovation one of our pillars.

Today, UMBRAGROUP wants to be an innovator in the electrification of tomorrow’s aircraft by developing less-polluting which drastically reduce or even eliminate maintenance activities through more compact products, which by affecting the overall weight can reduce consumption and improve the energy efficiency of the aircraft.
Electric motors, high efficiency mechanics and design are the elements that allow us to be competitive in the sectors in which we operate.
UMBRAGROUP is engaged in the design and manufacture of electrified systems, such as flight surface actuators, landing gear and brakes which were typically hydraulic.

In our vision, electrification is the answer to the challenges of the future!

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