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UMBRAGROUP takes first place in "The Champions Academy"

Ambrosetti rewards the UMBRAGROUP team

UMBRAGROUP fielded a team of 11 participants in The Champions Academy tournament organized by Ambrosetti. The competition included 11 teams, coming from different companies, who measured each other’s results according to individual and group leadership tests.

Ambrosetti prepared everyone by making coaching sessions available with professional trainers and offering seminars on sport and work psychology.
Then, the "matches" took place. All team members participated both individually, with skills measurement and development tests, and at the group level, in the business game context.

The participants carried out the tests which focused on the measurement and development of skills related to learning, communication, awareness and cohesion, decision, innovation, mobilization, negotiation, mastery of competitive factors, respect for uncertainty, critical thinking and competitive tension.

The tournament training was very intense and took place over 6 months. To achieve the goal, it required everyone’s active participation and the coordination of resources. The UMBRAGROUP team stood out by mastering these challenges and climbed the podium.

UMBRAGROUP’s scores brought it to the top of the standings, demonstrating the unity and cohesion of the team.

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