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International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

UMBRAGROUP's ongoing commitment to protect the environment and resources

Today, September 29th, is the International Day dedicated to the awareness of food loss and waste. An anniversary that places the spotlight on the most significant challenges to be faced in promoting a sustainable and circular economy for the planet’s future.
UMBRAGROUP has long been committed to carrying out important activities in this direction.

To increase the "circularity" of its production system, the company has established new priorities in the development of its business model. UMBRAGROUP has implemented solutions, for example, to minimize energy consumption, contain production waste and maximize quality.

The water used in the production process is recycled, filtered and reused to limit the withdrawal of more water from the aquifers.

In addition, a lunch box is available at the parent company which gives employees the opportunity to take home the food not consumed during the meal in the company cafeteria. A further gesture to reduce waste and to respect the environment.

UMBRAGROUP believes that environmental protection and business improvement can only be pursued jointly, with the help of everyone.

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