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UMBRAGROUP’s new videoconferencing platform in the United States

Linear Motion LLC. chooses ClickShare Conference to improve its conferencing system

UMBRAGROUP acquired Linear Motion LLC. in 2018 which increased the international presence of the Group. This required the adoption of more efficient videoconferencing systems, to ensure totally secure meetings, greater convenience for employees and greater integration of the IT systems in the various offices.

Joe Sheridan, U.S.A. IT Director, has transformed company communications and improved the IT function by implementing the conferencing system: ClickShare Conference.

"From my standpoint, communication is our most important tool for success. And I can say for a fact that ClickShare helped improve communication and collaboration across all divisions." - Joe Sheridan, USA IT Director.

Barco ClickShare Conference with its ease of use has made it possible to carry out meetings even during the Covid-19 pandemic, guaranteeing functionality and satisfaction among the staff.

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