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UMBRAGROUP acquires 21.18% of K-Digitale shares

The challenge of internationalization passes through digitalization

In a world where relationships increasingly transcend space-time boundaries, innovation and change are a fundamental combination.

UMBRAGROUP is always focused on being competitive and supporting the growth of companies in the Umbrian territory. In keeping with this commitment, UMBRAGROUP enters the K-Digitale corporate structure by acquiring 21.18% of its shares.
The startup, based in Perugia, provides consultancy and builds platforms for the digital transformation of companies and public administration.

"We have decided to invest in our territory’s excellence - says UMBRAGROUP’s Chairman of the Board Antonello Marcucci - with the aim of jointly developing a model for the digital transformation of manufacturing".

Antonio Baldaccini, CEO of UMBRAGROUP, joins the Perugian startup’s Board of Directors: “We will concretely commit ourselves to the growth of K-Digitale, both through our network of relationships and through our business management methods”.

Developing a new future together!

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