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Cleaning a public area are the values to remember Valter Baldaccini

In the evocative setting of the Carceri Hermitage of Assisi

Conservation and fairness are the values ​​at the core of cleaning a public area in the evocative setting of the Carceri Hermitage of Assisi. This has been organized by the Valter Baldaccini Foundation in collaboration with UMBRAGROUP and the sponsorship of the City of Assisi, to remember Valter Baldaccini seven years after his passage to eternal life and to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the Foundation dedicated to him.

"Respect for the environment and a sense of civilization must guide our behavior and those of future generations. - underlines Antonio Baldaccini, CEO of UMBRAGROUP - I am proud that UMBRAGROUP leaders and RSU representatives have this fundamental value at heart and that they put themselves at the service of the community on this day dedicated to others, who want to remember my father, Valter. "

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