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UMBRAGROUP: Mastering flight is everything

Il Sole 24 Ore has published an article about Antonio Baldaccini, CEO & President of UMBRAGROUP. The focus is on the Company’s Vision and Results as they relate to the new challenges of the global market.

The Group, world leader in the production of ball screws in the aeronautical sector, is aimed at manufacturers of planes and aircraft, integrated systems and airlines at tiers 1, 2 and 3.

The most futuristic products are born when a visionary and innovative spirit encounters the complex and challenging demands of the Aerospace, Space and Defense sectors which must respond to future developments in other areas.

Electromechanical actuation is among the most important projects which positions the Group at the forefront in the production of critical components for flight, and the ownership of innovative Fault Tolerant patents for linear and rotary actuation.

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