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Digital acceleration

Digitalization of Production Orders and Workshop Documents

The goal of UMBRAGROUP, even in the most difficult and demanding times, is to implement innovative projects aimed at making processes more efficient and effective, enhancing the talents of our technicians and engineers.

One of our projects connected with Industry 4.0 is the Digitization of Production Orders and Workshop Documents.

The OdPs must guarantee the complete traceability of the parts being processed, starting from the transformation of the raw material up to the finished component and managing, through additional software, the progress of the individual production phases.

Today the OdPs are transmitted on paper together with all the accompanying documents and archived for at least 25 years in compliance with aeronautical and industrial regulations.

We are developing proprietary software as this know-how is not currently available in the market. It will support our process by further increasing its security, integrating the information from the various software used and allow us to keep all the information for the required number of years. It will provide support during the audit phase, allowing the inspection of documents in a fast and reliable way and will allow an effective analysis of data following the logic of Advanced Analytics applied to Business Intelligence.

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