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The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

Solving problems creatively using the TRIZ method

TRIZ, The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, is by definition a theory used for solving problems creatively and represents a new way of thinking about and approaching innovation based on the objective nature of technological analysis.

According to TRIZ, universal principles of creativity form the basis of innovation. TRIZ identifies and codifies these principles, using them to make the creative process more predictable. Part of solving problems creatively, then, is finding existing solutions that can be adapted to the specific problem.

Creating value

With TRIZ, we improve the performance of our technological products and processes in UMBRAGROUP, reducing costs and waste by analyzing a specific problem, abstracting it as a general problem of a principle, identifying models for solving the problem using the TRIZ problem-solving principles, and lastly, applying the most effective solution to the initial problem.
The fundamental steps of the TRIZ method are:

  1. defining the specific problem;
  2. finding the corresponding generalized TRIZ problem;
  3. finding the generalized solution to the generalized problem;
  4. adapting the generalized solution to the specific problem.

We also use TRIZ to generate new ideas and products, to meet client requirements, and in market research. When generating ideas with the TRIZ method, people from all areas of the company are involved, not just those in engineering or sales. In this way, it is a powerful method that encourages thinking outside the box and facilitates team building within the Group.

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