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The Design of Experiments method in industrial design

DOE (Design of Experiments) is a method within the Six Sigma rationale that enables us to identify the most significant variables affecting a given phenomenon, and when these conditions are changed, it shows us how the phenomenon is influenced.

Creating Value

The benefits of using DOE in UMBRAGROUP are that we can quickly identify the optimal parameters for products and processes by reducing the number of tests needed to fine-tune them.

We also apply DOE to analyzing complaints, enabling us to:

  • quickly identify any correlations between the series of factors involved in generating the defect, whether internal or external (that is, due to improper use of the product, faulty installation in the final system, the environmental conditions in which it was used) using a reliable database;
  • pinpoint the connections between them and the way they impact the returned item.

Understanding how a process or product behaves when the factors influencing it change helps us to maintain full control and guarantee quality.

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