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Axial/radial roller bearings

UMBRAGROUP designs and manufactures a wide range of dimensional combined axial / radial bearings.

Due to their design, axial / radial bearings are used for rotary tables and milling heads. They are able to withstand very high radial and axial loads, in both directions and a high overturning moment. They have a very high precision of rotation both radial and axial (in the order of micrometers).

Use of combined axial/radial bearings

The design of combined axial/radial bearings makes them suitable for rotary tables and milling heads. The radial forces, axial forces in both directions, and tilting are characteristics of every single application that uses this type of bearing technology. These aspects are considered and analyzed during the design phase and checked by simulating the work cycle of the intended application. To increase the rigidity of the system, we can also provide a preloaded version of the bearing.

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