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Hybrid ball screws

For all applications for which it is necessary to achieve high speed and acceleration, positioning precision, specific durability targets, and highly cyclical intermittent machining processes, UMBRAGROUP offers hybrid screws with ceramic balls.

High performance

UMBRAGROUP has implemented the concept of hybrid ball screws with the use of steel/ceramic balls.

With these, we guarantee the absence of attrition between the balls, thus reducing friction. The use of different materials for the balls translates into a greater system efficiency, less wear, lower operating temperatures, and greater precision in positioning and preload values.

Our screws have successfully reached axial speeds of 200 m/min and accelerations up to 10 g.

Functioning principles

The hybrid combination of ceramic and steel balls improves the kinematics due to the "cage" effect typical of bearings, generated by the presence of idle balls. Our well-established experience, in both the industrial and aeronautical fields, has demonstrated that the hybrid solution guarantees the greatest reliability and, in some cases, provides the solution to numerous problems that cannot be solved using standard steel ball screw technology.

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