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The Operation Excellence Strategy

If we can't express what we know in numbers, we can't learn more about our products and processes.
If we can't learn more about our products and processes, we can't have full control over them.
If we don't have full control over our products and processes, they'll be left to chance.

Operation Excellence

Operation Excellence is a methodological process under Six Sigma that UMBRAGROUP uses to increase, expand, and optimize our knowledge of our industrial products and processes for the purpose of monitoring and creating products and processes that best satisfy our clients' needs.

Critical thinking, sequential knowledge, statistical process control, analysis of variance in products and processes (such as ANOVA), methods for statistical data analysis, experimental and optimization methods, problem finding and problem solving (including 8D, 5 Whys, Ishikawa diagrams, and DOE) are at the foundations of how UMBRAGROUP applies OPEX.

Performance indicators (KPI) such as:

  • utilization rate
  • efficiency
  • work center OEE
  • are constantly monitored each day and compared with target values.

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