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The iMARE Project

The iMARE project (hybrid MArine for Energy-efficient imbaRcations) has made it possible to validate a hybrid thermal-electric propulsion system with the construction of a demonstrator based on a 10-metre boat. The solution proposed by the project is characterised by low costs, low fuel consumption and low polluting emissions, as well as a technological innovation on the voltage levels of the electric system.

The main objective of iMARE is the development of an intelligent mechatronic system, which enables the connection and optimal management of an endothermic engine and an electric motor in parallel coupling for marine propulsion. The aim of the project is the presentation to the market of an innovative, and at the same time reliable and proven solution, developed in conjunction with the functionality of a boat; in fact, the electric propulsion system is easy to install.

UMRAGROUP contributed to the project as a partner, focusing its activities on the definition of the requirements of the electric propulsion subsystem, the design and realisation of an optimised electric motor/generator for dual use, and on the basis of the characteristic power supply conditions of the energy storage system (35-60 kW).

The various test phases carried out up to the boat's launch and the related sea trials made it possible to validate the expected results as well as demonstrate the product's silent operation and environmental advantage.

The electric propulsion developed and validated by UMBRAGROUP achieved a TRL of 7.