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POR FESR 2014-2020 – AVVISO RICERCA 2020 – Cod. CUP I62C20001110007

In Europe, non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) are responsible for approximately 15% of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 5% of particulate (PM) emissions. The development of electric mobility is already introducing new challenges to industrial supply chains, starting from the development of new powertrains, to the reuse and recycling of materials up to the advanced management of electric power. Under investigation there are not only traction applications but also all the auxiliary services of the vehicle.

The actuation system called "Steering by Wire" is one of the first applications for "no road" vehicles to take a step towards simplification and electrification, it performs the function of moving the steering wheels in complete replacement of the hydraulic steering system commonly used on these vehicles.

The INTEGRATED ACTUATORS FOR OFF-ROAD VEHICLES project aims to develop a mature and validated product (TRL7) for the application of steering in the context of the vehicle electrification, improving efficiency and energy consumption. The product components will be improved from the performance point of view and integrated with IoT-type functions.

The new product will improve the electrification of off-road vehicles such as forklifts by adding to electric traction other features such as the steering. The innovations introduced with the project are:

  1. Greater efficiency guaranteed by the complete replacement of the hydraulic system with an electromechanical one capable of using energy only when actually needed.
  2. Longer battery life.
  3. The simplification of the system by reducing the number of components (there is only one cable between the actuator and the steering wheel).
  4. A remotely managed monitoring system.