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Supply space sector bearings

Precise and innovative components for extreme conditions

Based in Foligno, in the province of Perugia, UMBRAGROUP is an international Group with a long experience in the production and supply of bearings for the space industry. These precision components are designed entirely in-house by a team of experienced and qualified professionals, with the aim of meeting the needs of every customer operating in such a delicate sector as the space industry, where motion control must be marked by maximum precision, strength and durability.

What are the characteristics of UMBRAGROUP bearings?

UMBRAGROUP has decades of experience in the aerospace industry, enabling it to develop the most advanced technological solutions for precision motion control in hostile habitats. UMBRAGROUP bearings for the space sector are designed to improve overall performance and reduce costly maintenance. One example is the Space Shuttle fuel turbopump bearing rings made of Cronidur-30 stainless steel. This allows for increased stress resistance and the turbopump can be reused on several missions without having to replace the bearings each time.

UMBRAGROUP bearings ensure the functionality of hi-tech systems in space because of their:

  • absolute reliability of performance;
  • high load capacity under the most extreme conditions;
  • excellent corrosion resistance due to Cronidur-30 stainless steel; together with steel-ceramic alternating architecture ensures extreme reliability even under the most extreme conditions that make materials more susceptible to damage;
  • no need for life cycle overhaul and lubrication.

What are their applications within the space industry?

The company's main goal is to fully meet the high quality standards of its customers with customized solutions with very high efficiency and technological content. This achievement is the result of a continuous process of research and development, entrusted to professionals with very high engineering skills. UMBRAGROUP bearings for the space sector find many different applications, for example in engines and turbopumps. You can buy UMBRAGROUP bearings and receive them conveniently at your company, being sure to always choose the right solution for your application, in the dedicated e-commerce.

How to request more information?

If you need technical details or more information about supplying ball screws for the space sector, please feel free to send us concerns and questions via the form in the contact section. Quickly and comprehensively, we will provide answers to all your questions.