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Industrial sector bearings

World leader in ball bearing manufacturing

Since its founding in 1972, UMBRAGROUP has increasingly specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of bearings for the industrial sector, with a special focus on medium and large bearings. This continuous development and ever-increasing growth has enabled it to work with major players in the industry nationally and internationally.

What models of bearings does UMBRAGROUP supply?

In order to better meet the diverse needs of the increasingly demanding customers operating in various applications of the industrial sector, UMBRAGROUP has designed innovative and high-tech solutions for its range of medium and large bearings for the industrial sector. Indeed, over the years, the company has steadily expanded the technologies used in its productions to diversify to meet the needs of a wide range of companies and application types. This is to ensure exceptional performance and unique benefits to those who turn to UMBRAGROUP for their missions. Within UMBRAGROUP's vast and comprehensive catalog of bearings we find, for example:

What are their performances?

Bearings must be designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Precisely for this reason, the company is involved in proposing the commercialization of high-performance bearings, capable of guaranteeing customers an important competitive advantage. The solutions provided by UMBRAGROUP, in fact, are able to ensure benefits such as:

  • Improved performance with lower maintenance costs
  • Increased resistance to stress
  • Increased load capacity
  • No need for overhaul or lubrication

How to request more information?

If you need the technical details or simply more information about the supply of medium and large bearings for the industrial sector carried out by the company, please go to the contact section and fill out the form. Quickly and thoroughly, we will provide answers to all your questions.