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Online bearing assortment

A large catalog of bearings that can be purchased online

UMBRAGROUP is a leading company in the industrial components sector. We offer a wide range of bearings available for online purchase, intended for the most diverse applications, especially those where maximum quality, precision and efficiency are required. They are products with high performance and reliability. UMBRAGROUP bearings are designed and produced in-house by a team of experienced and qualified professionals, with certified technology and cutting-edge materials, traced throughout the supply chain.

Today, they are also available on our dedicated e-commerce platform: purchasing the right solution for your needs is even easier!

The UMBRAGROUP online bearings catalogue

UMBRAGROUP boasts decades of experience in the industrial sector, which allows it to develop the most advanced technological solutions for precision movement control. The design and manufacture of medium and large-sized bearings considers specific application requirements. For example: the ability to withstand radial and axial loads in both directions, adaptability to high-speed applications, low friction, reduction of noise levels and vibrations.

UMBRAGROUP bearings offer premium quality assured by the best European material suppliers, in compliance with the highest international quality standards. They are certified products that undergo a strict series of controls on materials, dimensions, technological and non-destructive.

In the online store you can find different types of bearings, including:

  • Deep groove bearings
  • Angular contact bearings
  • Oscillating bearings
  • Four-contact bearings
  • Combined axial / radial bearings

You can easily check, in the appropriate section, which bearings are in stock.

The UMBRAGROUP online store

The Group designs and manufactures bearings for complex and competitive markets. The main objective of the company is to fully satisfy the high-quality standards of its customers. UMBRAGROUP has an e-commerce platform dedicated to bearings making it even easier to choose and purchase the products suited to your needs. It takes just a few minutes to buy them and receive them quickly and conveniently at your company. You can always count on complete pre and post sales assistance and personalized advice on demand.

More information?

If you need technical details or further information on the bearing catalog for sale online, enter the contact section and fill out the appropriate form. We will answer all your questions quickly and comprehensively.