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Supplying industrial sector ball screws

High performance products backed by a qualified and available sales network

UMBRAGROUP is an international company with many years of experience in the production and supply of ball screws for the industrial sector. These precision components are designed in-house by a team of experienced and qualified professionals to best meet the needs of each customer operating in the industrial sector, where the applications can vary widely, but all require maximum precision, strength and durability.

The characteristics of UMBRAGROUP’s industrial ball screws

UMBRAGROUP has accumulated over twenty years of experience in the industrial sector. As a result, we have developed the most advanced technological solutions for precision movement control. The design and manufacture of ball screws derives from the need to solve specific application requests, such as:

  • high linear speed of the axes
  • high accelerations
  • high thrust loads
  • reduction of vibrations on screws with considerable length.

UMBRAGROUP screws feed the most used drive systems and are the ideal solution due to their unique characteristics:

  • diameter-pitch combination
  • less wear and longer life of the screw system
  • reduced working temperatures
  • high dynamics and precision
  • higher positioning accuracy.

Their applications within the industry

The Group is able to design and produce industrial screws in response to an increasingly complex and competitive market, guaranteeing a wide range of types and dimensional combinations, technical solutions and dedicated components. The company’s main objective is to fully satisfy its customers’ high quality standards with tailor-made solutions incorporating very high efficiency and technological content. We achieve this objective through continuous collaboration with partners and through our on-going research and development process, entrusted to professionals with very high skills in the engineering field. UMBRAGROUP’s ball screws for the industrial sector find many different applications in various industries, such as:

  • machine tools;
  • automation;
  • steel industry and measuring instruments;
  • automotive and railway equipment;
  • construction of nuclear reactors;
  • military equipment;
  • medical equipment;
  • oil industry;
  • electromechanical presses.

Need more information?

If you need further information on the supply of ball screws for the industrial sector, do not hesitate to send us doubts and questions via the form in the contact section. We will answer all your questions quickly and comprehensively.