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Supply of critical components for the aircraft and helicopter safety

The distribution of aerospace precision mechanisms

UMBRAGROUP supplies critical safety components for aircraft. Our staff of highly specialized professionals, work with great passion and with close attention to customers. Since its foundation in 1972, UMBRAGROUP has offered these products to various companies operating in the aerospace sector, nationally and internationally.

What components are offered?

UMBRAGROUP is aware of the diverse needs of companies in this sector and offers a wide supply of critical components related to aircraft and helicopter safety. The company manufactures mechanisms that can be used in different applications and are perfectly suited to various models of motor aircraft. Within the company catalog you will find the following product categories:

Drive shafts

Electromechanical actuators

● Electromechanical systems

● Electromechanical equipment


Toothed sectors

Steel balls

Ball screws

Acme screws, Tie Rod and No-Back Brake

Why choose UMBRAGROUP components?

Thanks to the experience in the reference sector gained over the years, as well as the continuous research and development activities carried out by the company team, UMBRAGROUP offers a variety of critical, high-performance components for aircraft. Over time, the company has constantly improved the technologies used for the manufacture of its products, using the highest-quality materials, to offer its customers advantages such as:

● Excellent level of precision during use

● High performance

● Long service life

● Reduced dimensions and weight

● Low maintenance

● Reduced environmental impact

● Greater reliability

How to get more information?

For more details on supplies for the aerospace market, enter the contact section and fill in the form provided. You will receive a prompt and comprehensive response to your inquiry.