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Supply of precision gears for aircraft

Marketing of transmissions for the aeronautical sector

With almost 50 years of experience in the reference sector, UMBRAGROUP is a company specializing in the design and supply of precision gears for aircraft. The development of these components is entrusted to a team of professionals with specific skills, who work constantly with great passion and attention to the customer.

What are the proposed gear models?

The main objective of the company is to satisfy many customers by offering them a supply of different models of precision aerospace gears, which can be used in different applications. During its history, UMBRAGROUP has constantly expanded its catalog and, currently offers:

Conical wheels

Toothed sectors


What are the strengths of corporate gears?

Companies operating in the aerospace sector must rely on components that can guarantee a high-level performance. Therefore, the company is committed to marketing excellent performance precision gears for aircraft, capable of ensuring numerous competitive advantages during their use. By choosing UMBRAGROUP products you will acquire the following advantages:

● High precision

● High resistance

● Great reliability

How to get more details?

For more details on supplies for the aerospace market, enter the contact section and fill in the form provided. You will receive a prompt and comprehensive response to your inquiry.