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Supply of ball screws

The distribution of ball screws for different sectors

Since its foundation in 1972, UMBRAGROUP has increasingly specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of ball screws. This has allowed it to work with various professional partners, even at an international level, providing them with considerable support in various industrial fields.

What types of screws does the company supply?

UMBRAGROUP offers ball screws for customers from different sectors. Over the years it has constantly expanded the technologies used in the production of ball screws by diversifying them according to the needs of a wide variety of companies. Specifically, within the company catalog, you can choose between different models of:

Ball screws for the civil aviation sector

Ball screws for the Defense sector

Ball screws for the space sector

What are their performances?

The components in question, due to the sectors for which they are designed, must be manufactured in compliance with high quality standards. For this reason, the company markets high-performance ball screws, guaranteeing customers numerous competitive advantages. The products offered by UMBRAGROUP, in fact, can ensure the following benefits:

● Lower wear

● Increased system efficiency

● Reduced working temperatures

● Higher positioning accuracy

● Longer life of the screw system

How to request more information?

For more details on supplies for the aerospace market, enter the contact section and fill in the form provided. You will receive a prompt and comprehensive response to your inquiry.