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Aerospace supplies

Precision components for the aeronautical sector

Founded in 1972, UMBRAGROUP specializes in the development and production of aerospace supplies. During its history it has established numerous partnerships with national and international customers, supplying them with precision components useful for various applications.

What supplies are manufactured?

UMBRAGROUP offers numerous models of aerospace supplies to support in the production of different types of aircraft, the company catalog offers a wide range of products for this sector which have also been used by prestigious companies, such as The Boeing Company. Among the available aircraft components, for example, you will find the following:

Drive shafts

Electromechanical actuators

● Electromechanical systems

● Electromechanical equipment


Toothed sectors

Steel balls

Ball screws

Acme screws, Tie Rod and No-Back Brake

Why choose UMBRAGROUP?

The company has always focused on the needs of its customers offering high quality aerospace supplies. Our high-quality standard is the result of continuous research and development, which is entrusted to a team of specialized professionals, who constantly strive to offer innovative solutions and superior performance to corporate customers. By choosing UMBRAGROUP you will obtain components that offer various competitive advantages which include:

● Excellent level of precision during use

● High performance

● Long service life

● Reduced dimensions and weight

● Low maintenance

● Reduced environmental impact

More details?

For more details on supplies for the aerospace market, enter the contact section and fill in the form provided. You will receive a prompt and comprehensive response to your inquiry.