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Industrial products

Precision components for the industrial sector

UMBRAGROUP specializes in industrial products which are installed in numerous machines used in this sector. The development and manufacture of these components are entrusted to a team of highly specialized engineers and technicians, who work diligently to provide high-performance products to corporate customers.

What products are available?

Long experience in the reference sector has allowed the company to constantly improve its portfolio and offer a wide range of products with numerous applications in the industrial sector. Thanks to the constant search for innovative solutions, UMBRAGROUP is currently offers products such as:

Why choose UMBRAGROUP industrial products?

One of the company’s key objectives is to completely satisfy the specific needs of each industrial-sector customer. UMBRAGROUP designs and manufactures high-performance industrial products, which provide ideal solutions to customer needs. We guarantee a series of competitive advantages:

  • Long lasting operating life;
  • Small size in relation to performance;
  • Solutions with standard or custom products
  • Weights and inertia contained
  • Low noise;
  • Reduced working temperatures. 

UMBRAGROUP provides excellent OTD and the highest levels of customer service.

How to request more information?

If you would like more information regarding UMBRAGROUP’S industrial products, please access the contact section and fill out the form provided. We look forward to answering your questions.