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Electromechanical Actuator Production

Reliable actuators for use in critical conditions

UMBRAGROUP, an Italian corporation based in Foligno, in the province of Perugia, is specialized in the production of electromechanical actuators. These precision components are designed entirely in-house by a team of highly-qualified professionals. They understand clearly how to meet the needs of each customer, especially those operating in delicate sectors and where maximum precision is required, such as aerospace and defense.

UMBRAGROUP specializes in the production of electromechanical actuators.

UMBRAGROUP offers a variety of electromechanical actuators designed and manufactured specifically to function effectively in critical conditions and in complex sectors such as aerospace. In fact, during its history, UMBRAGROUP has establish partnerships with different types of companies that required components specifically designed to fit their needs. The company offers excellent solutions such as:

What advantages do they offer?

The company focuses on critical sectors; therefore, it is essential to maintain very high production standards and manage every detail to perfection. As for the electromechanical actuators, UMBRAGROUP works incessantly to innovate and provide solutions with improved performance and greater functionality than equivalent hydraulic actuators (considering the weights and dimensions of the hydraulic actuators and auxiliary systems necessary for the hydraulic actuation). 

UMBRAGROUP observes very strict standards with regard to design and production which allow us to offer customers high-performance electromechanical actuators that offer advantages such as:

  • High efficiency and constant performance assurance even in the most hostile environments
  • Greater reliability with lower maintenance costs
  • Reduction in weight, size and far less impact on the environment
  • Development of innovative solutions such as Fault Tolerant actuators that meet the most stringent Defense requirements
  • Development of innovative solutions such as rotary actuators and linear actuators with a high transmission ratio in small dimensions.

How to request more information?

If you would like to explore UMBRAGROUP’s various electromechanical actuator designs, please access the contact area and use the module inserted inside. We are happy to answer your questions and look forward to serving you.