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Umbra makes a difference

An inclusive economy

UMBRAGROUP believes in an ethical approach to economic development which can and must combine productivity with a focus on the individual in the company's decision-making process. We want to create a sustainable profit and at the same time foster respect and a focus on people, promoting not only innovation, but also the ethical principles and value of social change.

Doing good is contagious (introduzione)

Following the company's example, employees at each of its locations are getting passionately involved in their communities. In all UMBRAGROUP production plants, employees offer their time and creativity to help organize company events and activities.

Helping through the Valter Baldaccini Foundation

In most cases, employees give back to their communities through the Valter Baldaccini Foundation, with which they share a strong connection.

In Italy, forty of our employees regularly volunteer: One Saturday a month they meet in small groups at the Caritas Diocesana soup kitchen in Foligno to cook and serve a hot meal to those locals who need it most, in addition to supporting the Foundation in its institutional activities.

A number of our employees are also Foundation donors and support many of the sponsored children in Kenya and Burkina Faso. Through their help over the years, more than a hundred children have been given the chance to attend school. The company's bond with Africa was forged when Valter Baldaccini organized volunteer trips which were open to all the employees. The Foundation resumed these trips through a project running in Kosovo.

Helping through the company

In many other cases, employees lend their support through UMBRAGROUP, particularly the head office, where the company gives them the option to donate vacation time and work hours to aid the projects they care about the most, or to help coworkers in need. The company then offers to take care of all the paperwork, letting the worker feel good about making a charitable gesture, whether in support of currently running projects, or one of the Foundation's core projects, or to support a coworker who is struggling.

This gesture highlights how united we are at work – not just professionally, but personally, too.

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