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Corporate Social Responsibility

UMBRAGROUP: here for the community, in and beyond the company

UMBRAGROUP is motivated by ethical principles and Christian values, starting with the idea that the company is a shared asset to all the people working there, and more generally, to the community to which it belongs. To us, generating profit and redistributing wealth among the community, including to those most in need, is part of an inclusive economy in which people's altruism, enthusiasm, and motivation are important ingredients, as is dialogue, a tool for sharing and for overcoming all barriers, even cultural ones.

This way, UMBRAGROUP sets the standard for the wider community through a series of initiatives conceived as an extension of company welfare, both in Italy and abroad.

Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop: IWBW

    Promoting the Washington Business Week for the first time in Italy, UMBRAGROUP is offering third- and fourth-year high school students a week-long educational experience. The value of this program, which has been run successfully in the United States, is two-fold:

    • students have the chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills with the support and expertise of professionals in the corporate world
    • In turn, professionals have the chance to use their managerial and leadership practices in the field.

    Visiting schools

      In each of its locations around the world, UMBRAGROUP works with the new generations, establishing an open, unique relationship. The Group involves young people from schools of all levels and universities, giving them the chance to visit the company premises, from the offices to the production departments, so that they can become familiar with the manufacturing environment and the various roles within it.

      The green space

        Sports, social change, and respect come together in the decision made by the UMBRAGROUP S.p.A. head office to join the initiative of its own employees' recreational club by funding a new, public green space in front of the company premises and installing outdoor fitness equipment complete with instruction signs. The green space has become a place for connecting, socializing, and exercising outdoors for both employees and residents. The project is a gesture of community spirit and respect for the wellbeing of residents.

        Nuts about the Environment

        The Nuts about the Environment project began in 2011 in partnership with one of our clients, The Boeing Company, and it works with schools, where children first learn to live together, exchange views, and develop knowledge and critical awareness. 

        Coordinated by Ellesse Edu, the project raises awareness among children, the citizens of the future, and motivates them to protect the environment, respect other cultures, and consume natural resources responsibly. It encourages sustainable behavior through the journey of Drew the Screw and Moll the Ball aboard their friend the Boeing 747 Dreamliner. The educational kit, provided free of charge to schools, has enabled children to approach these important issues their favorite way: through play and creativity

        UMBRAGROUP supported this project until 2019.

        UMBRAGROUP and Sports

          Sport is Life! This is the slogan under which UMBRAGROUP promotes sports as a tool of exceptional educational value: it brings together people and races, teaches young people to follow rules, and provides an opportunity for socializing and growing. Playing sports also helps with personal growth, in working on one's fears and limits, moving past and overcoming them. UMBRAGROUP promotes sports as a value: sports have no boundaries, no barriers.

          That's why it supports local sports clubs that organize community-level sports such as soccer and track and field, sending the message that by bringing people together to play, sports are about enthusiasm, dedication, challenge, and overcoming one's limits.

          Precision, tactics, and strategy: sponsoring Andrea Santarelli

          In 2016, UMBRAGROUP met Andrea Santarelli, the fencer from Foligno and silver medalist at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Their partnership was renewed in 2018, the year that Foligno, hometown to both, was named a European City of Sport ahead of the most important event in an athlete's career: the Olympics.

          Ambitious goals and exciting challenges in a blend of strategy, precision, attention to details, and tactics: that's what connects UMBRAGROUP to Andrea Santarelli through a sponsorship agreement with DNA Sport Consulting, his marketing agency.

          “We're proud to support a champion like Andrea, the pride of Umbria and living proof of the noble values of sports: sacrifice, enthusiasm, and hard work in addition to the rewards. We believe in the talent of our youth,” says the CEO of UMBRAGROUP, Antonio Baldaccini, “and we believe that Andrea represents Foligno around the world as he progresses towards the upcoming Olympics, with determination, respect for his opponents, ambition, and a thirst for victory.”

          A Hit for Umbria

          UMBRAGROUP and Andrea Santarelli combine sports with a principle that is just as noble: helping others. In 2018, they launched the project “A Hit for Umbria. For each hit scored by Andrea during the fencing season, UMBRAGROUP donates 1 Euro to charity. Each year, Andrea and UMBRAGROUP choose a project located in Umbria, their shared homeland, to aid the local community.

          Volleyball and the Valter Baldaccini Memorial

          Since 2018, UMBRAGROUP has been one of the official sponsors of the Sir Safety Conad Perugia volleyball team. The two are connected not only by the common denominator of sports as a passion, devotion, a healthy lifestyle, and a dedication to high performance, but also by the fact that the team, like UMBRAGROUP, is one of the Umbria's finest gems, and is a star in Serie A and Champions League volleyball.

          Sports combine with solidarity and ethical principles under the name of Valter Baldaccini, the forward-thinking entrepreneur and founding father of UMBRAGROUP.

          Since 2019, Sir Safety Volley Perugia has held the Valter Baldaccini Memorial, an idea launched by Sir's Chairman, Gino Sirci. A keen supporter of giving to charity, he organizes this friendly game in honor of Valter Baldaccini, donating all proceeds to the Valter Baldaccini Foundation.

          Antonio Baldaccini, CEO and President of UMBRAGROUP says, “seeing champions play in honor of my father is really moving and knowing that they're doing it to help those most in need in our community fills me with pride. This gesture has underlined a value that UMBRAGROUP and Sir Safety share: social responsibility and ethics in one's work. That's why our company has decided to confirm the UMBRAGROUP - Sir partnership for the 2018-2019 season. I firmly believe in the strength of the team, because, to quote Filippo Clerici, ‘we go faster when we're alone, but further when we're together.’”

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