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Let’s protect the Environment

We’ve always been in the vanguard of environmental sustainability and in the fight to eliminate polluting production processes; for this reason, UMBRAGROUP has been certified ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 since 2012. This means we’ve chosen to use certain technologies that do not require the use of cooling lubricants (dry-running threading machines in operation since 1995), in addition to other specific measures for the various processes:

  • Where necessary, the use of cooling lubricants that do not contain formaldehyde, amine, or boron donors
  • Replacement of neat oils with ester-based cooling lubricants with specific characteristics such as low volatility and higher flash point
  • Use of evaporators for the recovery of waste water and separation of the other substances, compaction of grinding sludge
  • Use of stainless steel in the production of aeronautical screws since 1992, permitting the elimination of galvanic coatings such as chrome, cadmium, phosphate, paint, etc.

We are presently working toward doing eliminating cyanide-based galvanic processes by the end of 2020. We’re digitizing shop documents, to eliminate paper.

Our goal is to reduce or eliminate the environmental footprint of our processes, aiming for a greater wellbeing of the planet and everyone on it.

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