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Supporting Technologies

Innovation at the service of the customer

In order to respond to the demands of the market with increasing speed, UMBRAGROUP has secured technologies, tools, and capabilities that enable it to meet clients' expectations for products in terms of cost, timing, and performance.

Tool Design

UMBRAGROUP develops highly customised products, implementing its capabilities to design, build, and manage piece picking tools and systems so as to ensure quick setup, piece replacement, and positioning repeatability, aiming to maintain a high level of efficiency and effectiveness in processing and manufacturing methods.

We use the same logic when designing and developing tools to assemble and test our products, often making use of additive manufacturing.

Measurement Systems

All the programs for continuous scanning CMMs and optical machines are developed and tested by UMBRAGROUP specialist employees who receive constant training to stay up to date. We invest resources and energy into training staff and constantly monitoring our manufacturing process capability.

Process Modelling

UMBRAGROUP has acquired tools to support engineers both in product and cost definition and in producing components. Using a Lean Costing simulation program, we can determine how best to shape the parts so as to reduce their cost; in the product building phase, we can use CAM to reproduce the kinematics of the machine tools and simulate processing, aiming to make the process of manufacturing the pieces as efficient as possible.

Manufacturing Systems

Drawing on its resources and expertise, UMBRAGROUP has developed a proprietary program which it uses to manage tool records, machine parameters, setup records, and also control plans, in which the measurements taken are acquired directly from the measurement tools/machines. In addition, we are currently digitizing our production orders, while all the other documents used in the tool room are already paperless. 

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