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A high-tech know-how

UMBRAGROUP, world leader in the manufacture of recirculating ball screws for the Aerospace sector, showcases the latest and most advanced technologies for soft machining and grinding.

Soft Machining

Minimal setup times and maximum control. With its almost 100 years of experience producing recirculating ball screws, UMBRAGROUP has become specialized in the turning and milling of extremely “slender” shafts of complex morphologies.

  • To minimize setup times, we’ve invested in turning/milling machines equipped with high-capacity tool magazines;
  • The machines enable us to monitor both the piece and the in-process tool wear;
  • The turning/milling machines are equipped with cutting-edge CNC with a high calculation capacity, and pre-configured for Industry 4.0.

UMBRAGROUP is in constant contact with the major tool developers and producers. Thanks to this collaboration, we’re able to test the most innovative solutions and develop customized ones.


Grinding specialists: flexibility and efficiency. To achieve and guarantee the utmost precision of its products, UMBRAGROUP has become increasingly specialized in grinding technology. We’ve invested in the latest generation of 5-axis grinding machines, with the possibility of machine-integrated grinding wheel magazines, thus combining flexibility with efficiency. The older machines have been “retrofitted”, equipped with devices born from the know-how acquired in more than 40 years of experience.

In grinding technology, there’s a strong, continuing collaboration with the most important producers of abrasive tools: a collaboration that has led to the development of UMBRAGROUP-patented products.


Quality guaranteed… always. To guarantee the quality of our products, we perform checks using both contact machines such as CMMs, profilometers, roughness meters, and altimeters, and state-of-the-art contactless machines like optical machines equipped with HD cameras, in addition to dimensional checks made using ultrasonic probes. 

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