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Ball screws for Defense

Our experience and innovation for the benefit of the Defense industry

Beyond aerospace. We are also market leaders in the production of ball screws for the Defense sector, with our Thomson® Aerospace & Defense* a licensed brand of Linear Motion LLC of UMBRA Group. The pioneering thinking that led to the creation of the first ball screw for the legendary Boeing B-29 Superfortress continues to inspire the most efficient and innovative solutions for precision movement control in the most difficult environments. Today as yesterday.

*Thomson® is a registered trademark of Thomson Industries, Inc.

We invest in the future

The relentless research and development activity has resulted in many international patents and groundbreaking innovations, such as the use of Cronidur®30 stainless steel and steel-ceramic hybrid architecture to fight component corrosion. We support our foresight with a strong planning capacity, cyber security and a highly organized productive system. This is why UMBRA brand recirculating ball screws are the best choice for the Defense industry.


Our ball screws ensure the following advantages for complete reliability:

  • Zero corrosion and wear problems;
  • Very high load capacity;
  • Maximum dependability of the system;
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.

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