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Electromechanical actuators

An integrated approach to product development

UMBRAGROUP shares its technological know-how with customers – including software and electronics – to design, prototype, qualify and produce the best, high-performance aerospace electromechanical linear actuators for critical applications. The integrated process is the result of ongoing investments in research and the deep commitment of a multidisciplinary team of technicians and engineers in developing customized solutions at competitive prices with short lead times.

Compact architecture in the most challenging situations

UMBRAGROUP is a world leader in the production of precision components such as ball screws, bearings, gears, electric motors and brakes, which are necessary for the creation of linear electromechanical actuators. Thanks to this expertise, we can utilize an inside out approach to product design, beginning with actuator components to develop innovative architectures.


Compared to traditional hydraulic actuators, their electromechanical counterparts provide a number of distinctive advantages that are in line with MEA (More Electric Aircraft) requirements:

  • High efficiency;
  • Warrant of performance in the most hostile environments;
  • Reduction of weight and envelope dimensions;
  • Lower maintenance costs;
  • Superior reliability;
  • Reduced environmental pollution.

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