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Ball screws for civil aviation

Guaranteed in-flight safety

UMBRAGROUP maintains world leadership in the supply of ball screws. Many aircraft manufacturers choose our precision components to power electromechanical flight control systems, entrusting the safety of passengers and crew to their proven resistance and consistent behavior.


The combination of state-of-the-art materials and technologies in the production of ball screws allows us to:

  • Put an end to corrosion and premature wear, the typical problems of traditional acme type power screws;
  • Ensure the ability to support very high loads;
  • Guarantee high system reliability;
  • Reduce life cycle costs deriving from replacements.

Cutting-edge technology for extraordinary performance

The inability of standard technology to meet customer requirement is a problem for many suppliers, but for us it is an opportunity to develop new solutions. This was the case for UMBRA ball screws made in Cronidur®30, a stainless steel with high nitrogen content, which we use in ceramic-steel hybrid architectures to eliminate the friction that induces corrosion and wear of the components. The introduction of screws with recirculation in the ball screw shaft instead of in the nut, for short-stroke applications – such as replacing hydraulic cylinders – has allowed us to obtain perfectly sealed, high performance systems for linear motion.

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