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Trapezoidal screws

Trapezoidal screws for civil aviation: excellence at 360°

UMBRAGROUP’s driving force has always been the satisfaction of our customers and their requirements. Strengthened by a global leadership in the production of recirculating ball screws, we have applied our specialized skills and technologies to the design and production of high precision acme/trapezoidal screws.

Trapezoidal screws are mainly used in aerospace engine thrust reversers. We offer our customers high quality products, including trapezoidal screws. We can be your development partner for your various design and manufacturing needs.

The advantages of UMBRAGROUP trapezoidal screws

Thanks to the considerable experience gained in the special processes of heat treatment, galvanic treatment and non-destructive testing, we proffer complete technical assistance and productive efficiency, with significantly shorter lead times. UMBRA-branded acme/trapezoidal screws are characterized by:

  • Utmost reliability;
  • Competitive delivery times;
  • Absolute precision.

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