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Support for Italy's National Canine Unit

UMBRAGROUP donated a Fiat Doblò cargo van to the Search and Rescue Canine Unit belonging to the Civil Defense Squad of Italy's National Association of Carabiniere police in Foligno. The donation was presented on October 24th, 2015. It was a “dream” come true for President Fabrizio Casini. “In fulfilling this dream, we have overcome a practical obstacle and can now make our fellow citizens safer,” stated Antonio Baldaccini, CEO of UMBRAGROUP. “What's more, caring for our neighbors and the local area is among our priorities and part of the Group's values. When projects are as worthy as this one, we cannot help but do our part.” The Civil Defense Squad has consistently distinguished itself for its dedication in supporting emergency operations, stepping in to assist during local disasters and emergencies as well as in those elsewhere in Italy. Now, thanks to the help of the canine unit, it can also support search and rescue operations in wooded areas, mountains, or sites that are difficult to access. In February of 2016, Umbra Cuscinetti made another contribution that would help complete the donated vehicle: an air-conditioning unit was installed in the Doblò along with a space for baggage and aluminum crates for safely transporting the rescue dogs. In 2019, further support for the National Canine Unit helped to increase the unit's efficiency at a training facility.

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