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Rebuilding L'Aquila

After the earthquake that struck Abruzzo in 2009, UMBRAGROUP gave the children of L'Aquila a reason to smile by contributing to the project for rebuilding the city's private nursery school and elementary school, Istituto Dottrina Cristiana. The company backed the project presented by the Mariele Ventre nursery school in Foligno. The top management and most of the employees, moved by a strong spirit of solidarity, donated 20,000 Euro to the cause. This contribution was used to purchase material for the school's playground, which was officially opened on January 8th, 2010, with company representatives in attendance. The gesture made by UMBRAGROUP, along with the other organizations that contributed, gave these children a tangible symbol of the hope to begin again and the desire to see L'Aquila rebuild itself, piece by piece. The sensitivity and warmth that everyone showed highlighted the dream that L'Aquila may once again be stronger and more beautiful.

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