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Home Care for Cancer Patients

In 2017, UMBRAGROUP and the Valter Baldaccini Foundation supported Project ODO, run by Italy's cancer association, ANT. Through Project ODO, ANT in Umbria has become a steady point of reference for cancer patients and their families, assisting patients from the treatment phase to the later stages of the illness, up to the stage in which palliative care is needed. They offer continuous, specialized care at the patient's home, providing support treatments and pain management with a doctor or nurse as well as the support of a nutritionist to help the patient make healthy eating choices.

UMBRAGROUP has embraced the concept of sustaining patients' dignity and giving them access to medical professionals in their home environment during such a difficult and painful time, making the experience as comfortable as possible for them.

Our thanks go out to all the employees of the UMBRAGROUP S.p.A. offices who personally supported this initiative by making a voluntary donation.

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