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Our relationship with Italy's national cancer association, ANT, began through its Perugia chapter in 2013, and was based on a shared vision of the importance of human dignity. For many years, ANT has worked actively throughout Italy with a focus on prevention and home care for cancer patients. Over time, UMBRAGROUP joined ANT in running projects that initially supported its employees; later, we extended our support to the community through the activities offered by ANT.


In 2013, ANT presented its melanoma prevention project, which encouraged UMBRAGROUP to donate 15,000 Euro to purchase a videodermatoscope to be used in two ways:

  • within the company, providing all UMBRAGROUP employees with access to preventive examinations;
  • and outside the company, enabling ANT to make use of a highly reliable tool for prevention free of charge and using it to serve the local community.

In 2016, UMBRAGROUP and ANT launched a new project focusing on nutrition. Once again, UMBRAGROUP employees made a personal, voluntary contribution to ANT by means of a donation. 

MENS’ANT seeks initially to involve employees at the main offices in Foligno in a pilot project that aims to get them interested in healthy, conscious eating.

With the help of an ANT nutritionist, the project involved the company cafeteria, guiding its staff in putting together the menus. Their path led them from in-depth focus groups to nutritional education and guided tours, finally bringing them to the MAP project, the road to well-being: a more complete approach to health. Through the company's public communications and its creation of a green space, the MAP project also made an impact on the broader community. 

UMBRAGROUP is investing generously in this area, firmly believing that mental well-being and performance at work are closely linked to physical well-being.

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