Heat Treatment

Thanks to the more than thirty years experience in the aeronautics world,  Umbra is able to provide a professional service as a supplier for a wide range of heat and thermo-chemical treatments for steels.

Since 2006 the NADCAP qualification (achieving MERIT status in 2011) provides further proof of the high technical-quality standard.
All our heat treatment systems are certified for pyrometry according to international standard AMS 2750; some of them are also certified for customer specification BAC 5621.

We are therefore in  a position to carry out certified treatments for: 


AMS 2759          Heat Treatment of Steel Parts - General Requirements
AMS H 6875       Heat Treatment of Steel Raw Materials
AMS 2759/1       Heat Treatment of carbon and Low-Alloy Steel Parts Minimum Tensile Strength Below 220 ksi (1517 MPa)
AMS 2759/2       Heat Treatment of Low-Alloy Steel Parts, Minimum Tensile Strength 220 ksi (1517 MPa) and Higher
AMS 2759/3       Heat Treatment Precipitation-Hardening Corrosion-Resistant and Maraging Steel Parts
AMS 2759/5       Heat Treatment of Martensitic Corrosion-Resistant Steel Parts
AMS 2759/6       Gas Nitriding and Heat Treatment of Low-Alloy Steel Parts 
AMS 2759/7       Carburizing and Heat Treatment of Carburizing Grade Steel Parts
AMS 2759/9       Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief (Baking) of Steel Parts


BAC 5617             Heat Treat of Alloy Steels
BAC 5619             Heat Treat of Corrosion Resistant Steel
BAC 5641             Carburizing of Steel
BAC 5640             Nitriding of Steel
BAC 5620             Induction Hardening

Grazie alla pluriennale esperienza la Umbra ha redatto specifiche interne per il trattamento termico in grado di soddisfare il panorama delle richieste nel campo aereonautico ed industriale.


Low pressure carburizing
Hardening and tempering of steel
Precipitation hardening
Gas Nitriding
Induction hardening
Gas carburizing
Low pressure hardening

Give a look to our certificate: NADCAP HEAT TREATMENT

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