High speed reciprocating actuators

Manufacturing of innovative high-speed reciprocating actuators for energy industry

Umbra high speed electromechanical integrated actuator represents an optimal solution for reciprocating pump applications. The Dual Single Acting architecture utilizes two actuators in a single acting mode in opposite phase. While the first EMA develops the required pressure, the second is retracting.

Advantages of high speed reciprocating actuators

Through the particular configuration just described and thanks to integrated in-line architecture, developed by the expert company’s staff, high speed reciprocating actuators for energy offer these main advantages:

  • eliminating the need of a pressure attenuator to achieve a stable output pressure;
  • provides a low maintenance high reliability product;
  • 20% less operating cost;
  • noise level considerably lower than the hydraulic configuration.

Naturally, electrical and mechanical interfaces and performance could be modified according to customer requirements.

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