Brackers actuators

Supply of brackers actuators for aerospace sector

Thanks to a long experience in this kind of production, UMBRA can offer the supply of brackers actuators for aerospace sector, designed using the best technologies and devices on the market.

Efficiency and reliable brackers actuators

The A400 propeller brake actuator drives a robust, high efficiency and reliable solution. To guarantee this kind of results, this article has:

  • extremely compact design;
  • disk brake completely integrated into the powertrain;
  • state-of-the-art technology of CMC (ceramic matrix composites) lightweight braking disks;
  • “in-line” architecture;
  • high performance electronic control unit (HW and SW) of motor;
  • high performance teeth type parking brake;
  • high performance speed and position sensors.

Brackers actuators sections

The braking system his subdivided in different section to guarantee a complete parts replacement. In fact, the PBK (Propeller Brake Kit) is made of:

  • the electromechanical actuator;
  • PBU (Propeller Brake Unit);
  • the electronic control unit,
  • PBCU (Propeller Brake Control Unit);
  • two electrical cables.

Brackers actuators reduce the propeller rotation

The article is crucial during airplane loading and unloading and maintenance of the gearbox which is fixed to.  In fact, the brackers actuators can reduce propeller rotation dynamically at constant rate and stopped after engine shut down in ground, even in wind conditions. Additionally, it keeps the propeller locked during the aircraft parking. These operations are accomplished safely and efficiently only through the utilization of the UMBRA braking actuator.

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