Ball Screws

Production of ball screws for aerospace industry

Ball Screws1

UMBRAGROUP employs the life-design concept and utilizes state-of-the-art materials to ensure that all components are able to withstand the most severe environmental and load conditions encountered in commercial and military aviation applications. Moreover, the ball screws for the aerospace industry are made using the best materials available and the latest technologies.

What are the advantages of the company’s ball screws?

The introduction of Cronidur-30, a high-nitrogen stainless steel, used in combination with UMBRA’s revolutionary silicon nitride alternate-ball architecture, has produced two main advantages of company’s ball screws in service today:

  • virtually eliminated corrosion;
  • virtually removed premature wear.

Before this unique pairing of stainless steel and silicon, conventional chrome-plated aerospace ballscrews used steel loaded balls that were subjected to constant ball-to-ball and ball-to-raceway friction, causing wear that contributed to early failure and replacement.  By using silicon nitride balls in combination with Cronidur-30 stainless steel, UMBRA ballscrews enjoy an extremely low rate of wear, while simultaneously enabling the electro-mechanical systems they support to sustain very high loads. This unique and highly advantageous combination of extended service life and high loading condition is achieved by combining silicon nitride balls with steel idler balls that preclude friction and reduce wear by eliminating steel-to-steel and ceramic-to-ceramic ball contact.

Applications for aerospace ball screws

These advantages have allowed UMBRAGROUP to produce aerospace ball screws for many applications such the follows:

  • deployed in leading-edge slat
  • trailing-edge flap
  • braking system
  • thrust reverse and horizontal stabilizer

As a result, Umbra ballscrews make the electro-mechanical systems they support more reliable and robust and reduce total product life cycle costs – a tremendous economic advantage for aircraft owners and operators.

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