Splined products

Manufacturer of splined aerospace products

Splined products1

In addition to gears and shaft products, another UMBRAGROUP core competency is producing splined aerospace products, manufactured using the latest technologies developed by the company’s research team.

Splined products models

Over time, the company has increased its ability to produce different splined products models, that can simplify the life of customers in the aerospace sector. The following types of this product are available:

  • splined rings;
  • splined cams;
  • splined support links;
  • splined couplings.

Applications of splined products

UMBRAGROUP is a world leader in this type of production. In fact, it provides the aerospace industry with over 25,000 splined couplings annually that are known all around the world for their excellent qualities that allow them to be used in flight control actuation systems alone.

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