Manufacturer of recirculating ball screws for the industry sector

Due to its wide range of products, today UMBRAGROUP is considered to be a global supplier of recirculating ball screws for the industrial sector, capable of meeting a variety of customer needs. In fact, today UMBRAGROUP can count on the significant presence of its products in the most diverse areas of the industrial world.

Recirculating industrial ball screws able to solve practical performance requirements

The Company introduced recirculating ball screws to the market that are designed to solve practical performance requirements such the follows:

  • high speed linear axis;
  • high acceleration;
  • high thrust loads;
  • reduction in vibration;
  • reduction of extra-long screws.

This goal has been achieved not only due to the high level of their performance, but also due to a highly qualified sales network capable of understanding customer needs and responding with the best solutions.

Innovative ball screws for industrial applications

The key to UMBRAGROUP's success lies in its aggressive policy of investment in research and development as well as in continuous improvement in all areas, from design to production. The drive for excellence and the search for innovative solutions and high-performance levels have led to the production of innovative ball screws for industrial applications based on integrated systems that respond to issues of complexity, flexibility, cost effectiveness and reliability. The combination of mechanical and electronic components requires the merging of traditional ball screew know-how with that of engine mechanics and electronics, thus leading to new challenges in production and new business opportunities. These factors and technological advances have helped make the UMBRAGROUP brand the preferred choice of the customer.