Aerospace precision ball screws


Production of precision ball screws and components for the aerospace industry

Production of precision ball screws and components for the aerospace industry UMBRAGROUP has been designing and manufacturing precision ball screws and high precision components for the aerospace industry for over 45 years. UMBRAGROUP became the global leader in aerospace ball screw technology over two decades ago, after being contacted by The Boeing Company, which was already a customer, to work together to solve lock-out, premature wear, and corrosion problems on 747-400 flap ball screws. The problems were resolved by introducing a new CRES steel (Cronidur 30) for the screw shaft and ball nut, ceramic (i.e. silicon nitride) balls, and more efficient seals. Today, there is an UMBRAGROUP part powering a flight-critical control surface on every single Boeing commercial aircraft rolling off the Seattle and Charleston assembly lines.

UMBRAGROUP’s partnerships with aircraft manufacturers

As a result of constant improvement of devices and technologies, UMBRA now supports 18 global aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Alenia-Aermacchi, AVIC, BAe, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer, Eurofighter, Fokker, Gulfstream, JDA, Learjet, Lockheed, Mitsubishi, Panavia. Furthermore, UMBRAGROUP also provides support for over 60 military, commercial, regional, and jet aircraft programs in addition to UAV and guided weapons programs.

High performance aircraft components

UMBRA has quickly developed a reputation for high performance aircraft components because the company is able to eliminate corrosion, reduce wear and dramatically extend the service life of machined articles including:

  • Aircrafts ball screws
  • Aircrafts acme screws
  • Aircrafts safety rods
  • Aircrafts precision shafts and gears

Each of these products serve as the mechanical heart of electro-mechanical systems powering primary and secondary flight control surfaces, and high lift systems in commercial and military aerospace today.

Resistant aircraft components

Remarkably, even after some of UMBRA’s products have been in demanding commercial airline service for more than a decade, they remain within the original manufacturing tolerances. This “fit and forget” advantage reduces maintenance costs, dramatically lowers product life cycle costs and makes aircraft relying on UMBRA innovation and technology less costly to operate for the final customer.

Research and development of aircraft components

The key to UMBRAGROUP’s success is its constant and substantial investment in the research and development of aircraft components, coupled with ongoing manufacturing and process improvements. Whether it is as a result of breakthrough designs or manufacturing efficiency, UMBRA continues to lead the way in the global aerospace linear motion sector.