Electromechanical actuators

Supplier of electromechanical actuators for industry

Electromechanicals actuators1

UMBRAGROUP produces Electro-Mechanical Actuator for Industry (EMA) that represents a major movement away from mechanically powered motors and gear trains to magnets permanently bonded onto a ball nut, so that the magnetized ball nut itself is now the rotor of a motor. This ensure an improvement of versatility, compactness, and advanced linear motion design that is responsible to increase energy efficiency so that our EMAs can operate in a broad range of applications and conditions. 

The benefits of Umbra’s electromechanicals actuators

Integrating the kinematic chain of elements by vertically and into one system, as well as removing coupling components and drive transmission devices, these company’s articles reduce friction between components. These increased capabilities create a superior architecture electromechanicals actuators able to bring many advantages to customers, such as strong economic return on Umbra's customers investment, or many others as the following ones:

  • most force;
  • 30% less energy consumed (in comparison to other actuators in the same class);
  • lower inertia;
  • high efficiency;
  • thermal stability;
  • increased functionality;
  • smaller number of components for greater reliability and speed of assembly;
  • reduced weight and size;
  • increased power density;
  • reduced maintenance;
  • reduced noise.

Use EMA for demanding and precision works

These electromechanical actuators are used mainly for high precision and demanding works. This is possible because they are made use only excellent materials and advanced technologies developed by Umbra’s, which allow to obtain long life products that are able to meticulously perform over millions and millions of working cycles.

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