Acme screws, tie rod, no-back brake

Manufacturing high quality acme screws

Acme screws, tie rod, no-back brake1

UMBRAGROUP has extended its global leadership beyond aerospace ballscrews to the design and production of high quality acme screws that are deployed mainly in engine thrust reverse applications. By maintaining the majority of its special process and heat treatment capabilities within its main production facility, moreover, Umbra can dramatically reduce lead times and increase manufacturing efficiency within its acme screw product portfolio.

Applications for acme screws, tie rods, no-back brakes

There are a large number of applications for acme screws, tie rods, and no-back brakes produced by the company. In fact, UMBRAGROUP stands ready to support you with global engineering leadership, deep vertical manufacturing integration, and decades of high volume production experience. Specifically, these types of products can be useful for:

  • commercial applications';
  • military applications;
  • passenger or payload applications.

HSTA safety rods production

UMBRAGROUP has also developed a global expertise in the design and production of HSTA safety rods. In addition to the many advantages previously highlighted above, UMBRA's work in the safety rod sector had been dramatically enhanced by its 45-year design and production history with the ball screw and the other mating parts of the horizontal stabilizer’s mechanical components. As a result, Umbra is able to offer design and production support for safety rods, no-back brakes, bearings, gears and ballscrews and all of the major mechanical components found in the complete HSTA system.

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