Steel balls

Supply of steel balls for aerospace

Through its history as FAG, Präzisionskugeln Eltmann GmbH is able to look back on experience in the production of steel balls for aerospace spanning many decades.

Applications for aerospace steel balls

Among the broad range of potential applications for aerospace steel balls, Umbra it has specialized in different areas. Indeed, in this specific sector, the company produce, with the goal to meet the customer’s needs, different types of articles as these following:

  • steel balls for aircraft engines, i.a. the Airbus A380;
  • steel balls for bearings for rotor blades of helicopters;
  • steel balls for turbochargers in marine engines;
  • steel balls for turbines in marine engines.

The special balls used in these cases are subject to stringent checks and documentation requirements, which the company meets at all times.

High quality materials for steel balls production

The quality specifications for enterprise’s products exceed the required quality according to DIN 5401; these high standards ensure to the company the survival on a highly competitive market. This is also the reason why the leading manufacturers rely on Umbra’s steel balls. In fact, the company use only material of European origin for steel balls production, that satisfy high quality requirements.

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