Steel balls

Manufacturing of steel balls for industrial market

Steel balls1

Präzisionskugeln Eltmann GmbH, during the years, it has specialized in the manufacturing of steel balls for industries able to meet the needs of the widest possible number of customers. This was possible thanks to the use of best materials and technologies on the market.

Uses for steel balls designed for industrial

The Umbra’s steel balls are used in wide range industrial applications. In fact, due to an excellent R&D team, that constant research and development innovative process system and technologies, the enterprise is able to produce these excellent types of articles:

  • DGBB;
  • Low noise bearings;
  • Spindle bearings;
  • Slewing bearings;

High quality industrial steel balls materials

In order to satisfy quality specifications of the DIN 5401 directives, the company manufactures products that exceed the required, respecting high standard of production in order to survive on a highly competitive market. This representing also the main reason why the best industrial companies choose Umbra’s steel balls. To achieve these results and satisfy the requirements mentioned, Umbra have always used only materials of European origin for steel balls realization.

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